Dr. Firoz Khan
Orthopedic Surgeon

Medical science has greatly improved the quality of life of people across the globe. The death rate has decreased significantly and the main credit goes to the ample of treatment options and scientific technologies that have helped the doctors treat patients with more accuracy and care. Earlier, a lot many people died even with simple disease because of the unavailability of medicines and high-tech equipments. But now things have changed and this world has become an easy & better place for people suffering from simple as well as severe diseases.

Hip replacement has become a very common procedure these days and has high success rate. It is a surgical procedure which is mainly done on patients facing hip problems that includes pain in hip, problem in mobility, stiffness and other daily functions. This surgery is performed by the best orthopedic doctors in Hapur who not only are proficient in their job but also ensure to give 100% positive outcomes. While performing the surgery, the doctor removes the diseased part in the hip and replaces it with an artificial part known as prosthesis.

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