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Problems that affect your teeth, jaw and mouth can have an impact on your mouth can also affect your overall health. It can leads to big health issues if left unchecked. We are totally aware about the tooth cavity but it is not the only dental problem that is caused. Food particles that struck in mouth can cause swollen gums, tooth decay and also it can cause major dental pain.
Avoid using your dental kit with any other person; this is the most important thing that is recommended by most dentists. The dental kit involves tooth brush, floss or the tongue cleaner. This can further leads to bad odor. Tooth is one of the important parts of body which has many pathogens. It should be properly cared in order to avoid major health issues.
Gum problems not only damage the mouth, tooth and jaw bone but also increase the chances of strokes and heart attacks.
Types of Dental Problems
There are many dental problems that can further ruin your life as it can lead to heart disease and other major health issues. An issue that can be left unimportant but can further create several problems. The following dental problems are:-
  • Gum Disease: – Gum disease is caused due to food particles that are left behind eating. It is basically an injection in the gum line surrounded by the teeth. The starting stage of the disease is gingivitis, but can be advanced to periodontitis. A experienced dentist can begin treating it by using laser dentistry treatment.
  • Toothache:-The persistent toothache is very common and it leads to visiting dentist. They are usually caused due to cavities originated in plaque. Plaque can further converted in building acids, if these acids are not removed on time than it can remove the enamel of the teeth.
  • Sensitive Teeth: – When the person is suffering from sensitivity, that he will definitely suffer pain in teeth while eating and drinking hot or cold. Brushing and Flossing can also create disturbance. It can be relieved through fluoride treatment.
  • Halitosis:-If we talk about Halitosis that simply means bad breath, it is also caused due to food particles that are left behind the teeth, gum and gums while eating. These particles allow the growth of bacteria that can further leads to bad breath.
  • Tooth Decay: – Tooth decay, or cavities are caused when the plaque mixes with the sugar and starches that is present in the food and drinks that we consume in our daily routine. Acid is produced after mixing of these elements which further begin in attacking enamel and dentil in the teeth.
  • Oral Cancer: – Oral cancel is the most serious dental problem that is caused due to smoking, heavy consumption of alcohol, and also through overexposure of UV radiations. There is an 80-90% rate of survival which is possible only in early stage.
When you experience any of these dental problems, the first thing you will do is visit your dentist. There are many dental clinics which are now opened every where. Whether the issue is minimal or severe, the dentist will just recommend a treatment or some procedure that has to be followed. Some small issues can be resolved by 1-2 checkups or some filling in the tooth. But some like advanced gum disease can be treated through laser dentistry option only. The most important thing is to identify your dental problem soon so that it cannot be extracted to a major issue, dental problems can be copped up very soon and easily if identified on time.

If you are having any kind of dental problem then you can visit us.

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